A protocol for the conservation of the built heritage of Suakin

Mallinson Architects developed a protocol for the conservation of Sudan’s historic port town Suakin through a series of surveys, stakeholder consultations, and public exhibitions and cultural events between 2010 and 2014. The protocol has been adopted by the Sudan’s authorities, establishing an approach that can be adapted for sites elsewhere.

The historic port town of Suakin: past and current contexts

‘The historic port town of Suakin: past and current contexts’ illustrates Suakin’s fascinating story and historical and cultural significance. In English and Arabic, the exhibition provides a summary of the issues affecting this heritage and what is being done to address them, fostering public understanding and support towards an example of Sudan’s cultural heritage and its current and future state of conservation.

Sudan's Cultural Heritage and Museums Festival

The Sudan Cultural Heritage and Museums Festival 2014 celebrated Sudan’s rich cultural heritage, while promoting an awareness and understanding of its safeguarding. The event was organised by the British Council, in cooperation with Sudan’s National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, the Sudan Archaeological Society, the British Museum, and sponsored by local parties.

The Suakin Project

The Suakin Project was established to create a future for the historic coral port town of Suakin, one of Sudan's most significant cultural heritages and compelling histories.

Aksum Heritage Management

In 2005 Mallinson Architects were appointed to work on the World Bank’s Aksum Heritage Management Project with Hydea Ltd. and a team of specialists. The proposals included the restoration of the Aksum Stele Park, and the creation of a new museum. The works were completed in 2009, and also involved the creation of a film on Aksum for the new museum, as well as installing, conserving and displaying the exhibits.


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