Children's Civilisation & Creativity Centre

In 2005 Mallinson Architects won a competition to redesign the ‘Children's Museum’ in Cairo, as Consultant to the Major Projects division of the Egyptian Army. Following completion in 2012 the museum was renamed the ‘Children’s Civilisation & Creativity Centre’.

Sudan's Cultural Heritage and Museums Festival

The Sudan Cultural Heritage and Museums Festival 2014 celebrated Sudan’s rich cultural heritage, while promoting an awareness and understanding of its safeguarding. The event was organised by the British Council, in cooperation with Sudan’s National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, the Sudan Archaeological Society, the British Museum, and sponsored by local parties.

The Suakin Project

The Suakin Project was established to create a future for the historic coral port town of Suakin, one of Sudan's most significant cultural heritages and compelling histories.

The Bordein Paddle Steamer

In 2010 Mallinson Architects were commissioned by Khartoum’s Ministry of Culture to conduct the restoration of the historic Bordein paddle steamer, including the design of a landscaped garden and museum for the restored steamer, located along Khartoum’s Nile bank beside the historic mud Tabia Fort.


Gangasagar Mela Museum

Mallinson Architects are working with Italian Engineering Company HYDEA to produce a museum and exhibition on the Gangasagar Mela festival in West Bengal.

Desert Valley Museum

In 2003 Mallinson Architects produced a proposal for a new major museum near the Giza Pyramids to display the endangered treasures of Egypt as, part of a conservation recording initiative with the Egypt Supreme Council of Antiquities.


Amarna Museum

The Amarna Museum was designed in 1992 for the Egypt Supreme Council of Antiquities and Egypt Exploration Society mission to Amarna, Directed by Barry Kemp. The museum was constructed between 2005 and 2009. It provides an archaeological interpretation of the life and remains of the Ancient City of Akhetaten, including:


1. Learning exhibits on interpretative archaeology

Sudan National Museum

In 2005 MA&E were appointed by UNESCO as consultants to execute the Preservation and Protection of Endangered Objects Contract, completed in 2007. This involved the Sudan National Museum being repaired, refurbished, and new cases, labels and lighting provided. The stores and laboratories were reorganised and training provided for conservation, museum curators and management.

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